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FOX Business
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
jennifer griffin. the senator breaux the president's nomination to be blocked of john brennan. the question is different but no less intense. focusing on the drums killing american citizens and a security leaks. like emmanuel has the of report. >> john reddens confirmation hearing was interrupted five times by protesters before the room was cleared. he has taken heat from liberals as architect of the drone program and the kill less. he said it is not ideal. >> never believe it is better to kill a terrorist as detaining we want to so we can listen intelligence from than in the appropriate manner to disrupt a tax. >> closing demo is a priority but the administration does more killed and capture. they tried to show members of the intelligence committee the memo justifying targeted killing with jones but today press secretary carney said there no plans to share with other committees. liberals say more must be done. >> i am concerned the department justice is not following through with the president's commitment. >> another controversial issue, benghazi attacks a senator fire this warni
FOX Business
Feb 3, 2013 2:00am EST
49ers and baltimore ravens. or whome foods collectivist. i agree with brennan. some companies should try it and i wouldn't want to work for a company like that. but experimentation is what capitalism is. >> rick why are you against it? >> i will if you tell all of us your salary. >> i can't. in my contract i can't do that. and that's why everyone should have a contract. >> disclosing your stalry and bonus is stupid and it is no body's business. no, no, no. >> steve, i have a tendency to follow rick's line. >> he occasionally gets it right. law of averagings. in termless of releasing salaries and what your boss says about it loses face and that is between you and your boss. if you don't like that company try a competitor. >> rich, some people in congress are pushing an act to make it law. they call it the pay cheng - paycheck fairness. when i see fairness. i run for the hills and check my wallet. >> you should . that's where i really draw a line. if companies want to experiment with different business models and man date that for everybody is totalitarian. >> it may be good experiment but
FOX Business
Feb 9, 2013 10:00am EST
brennan to be the head of the cia. we listened to the outgoing defense secretary, panetta, say that the president of the united states and the secretary of state were not involved in the entire period in washington, d.c. in the -- in the benghazi attack, acknowledging for the first time. we have some -- first, your reaction to that revelation by secretary panetta. >> well, first of all, what seems to be the problem is the decision by the administration not to identify the threat before they strike. that's huge. meaning in libya, according to the cables we read, we did not see that this is a threat, and if we don't ee that this is a threat, we don't actually -- we are not prepared. lou: i have to say that we don't see that as a threat when we watched the british embassy be bombed, the british ambassador attacked, watched the international red cross withdrawal from benghazi, what -- how large a tyke would be writ in order for us to get the message? this is 5 -- a frightening, frightening episode. >> we're not looking at the ideology of the guys. they are the basic attitude that we con
FOX Business
Feb 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
-- the senate considers the nomination of john brennan as cia chief. lou dobbs will give us his take. melissa: checking your e-mail after work. should that be considered over time? back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: what we are seeing right now is the dow jones industrials down about 92 points. at our lowest level we were about 13,852. the truth is a lot of the traders still look at this exceptionally strong dollar. it puts pressure not only on our equities, but also on commodities and materials and that is the environment that we are seeing right now. oil pulling back. as far as the major averages, names like caterpillar, hewlett-packard, as i noted energy, exxon is one of the biggest lakers right now. we did cross 14,000. that was our fundamental moment will the move to those highs. melissa: strongly rejecting proposals for direct talks with the united states on a host of issues including the nuclear program. "talks will not solve any problems". iran was pushing for rollback on western sanctions in exchange for some key concessions on its nuclear program. the
FOX Business
Feb 7, 2013 11:00am EST
this afternoon. john brennan, president obama's nominee to lead the cia will appear at his confirmation hearing before the senate intelligence committee. we will keep you posted on that. i am jean e. colby, back to cheryl and dennis. dennis: the northeast bracing for winter weather wallop. cheryl: the fox business weather center with what the region can expect. i know you love the models and that is the part of this storm, all the models say different things. >> a sense they are. i will explain that in a second. definitely a blockbuster store across new england. the question is new york city, that is the variable we are watching and honestly we have to watch, these are the two storms, this is a moisture across the gulf, very heavy rain across the southeast, that is the cold sores and those two storms will face together and explode like a typical nor'easter and we are dealing with the first one in a couple years. a lot of places could use the snow but this will be heavy and windy, blizzard watch is in effect across parts of coastal massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut an
FOX Business
Feb 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
good if the president pulls and out very quickly. lou: and we are lucky john brennan that he can kill an american anywhere that his nomination goes forward tomorrow. >> it probably will there's not enough time to rally the forces and people have to pick and choose to let john kerry slide through but they got rid of susan rice. i think chuck hegel on his own will step aside. but how many can we block and get away with before looks bad? soto the president to do a better job of getting nominees. lou: chris rock talking about the first lady and the president mommy and daddy. mrs. is getting to free. >> mom and dad? had you refer to the president as bad? it means the value of the office. he is a mr. president or a matter of first lady. lou: talk about a wonderful movie, here we go with a sound bite here is secretary panetta with strong words for the president. >> a legislative met this designed to me so bad, so bad that no one in there right mind would let it happen. for those of you who have seen blazing saddles, this scene of the share of putting the gun to his head to establish law
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)